Book Shop & Package Terms and Conditions


1. Management of the Bookshop

This bookshop/site is managed by INVT. Superstore Ltd (‘Investment Superstore’), contact

Registered office address:
Investment Superstore, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, UK VAT number: 242571615, INVT. Superstore Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales, company number 09932115.

2. Browsing the Bookshop

2.1 Investment Superstore grants you a licence to access and use this bookshop website, but not to make commercial use of any of the content, nor to collect or store any of the product descriptions, images or prices, either manually or using systematic data-mining or data-gathering techniques without the express written permission of Investment Superstore.
2.2 We may use the cookie functionality in your web browser to store information to help us make the site better for you. For example, we may keep a record of your recently viewed titles so we can make those easily available for you to re-visit. If you have concerns about our use of cookies, or any other technical aspect of the site, please contact

3. Transacting with the Bookshop

3.1 When you submit an online or telephone order to the bookshop, that submission constitutes an offer to purchase goods from Investment Superstore. On acceptance of the offer by Investment Superstore, your contract is with Investment Superstore, and your statutory rights are with Investment Superstore.
3.2 Investment Superstore’s policy is to charge a customer’s credit or debit card upon order by the customer. Should it not be possible to fulfil an order, Investment Superstore will refund the value of any items that are unavailable. If a customer wishes to cancel an order, they will be able to do so as long as stock to fulfil any given order has not been ordered by Investment Superstore and the order has not already been dispatched. You must cancel by emailing
Investment Superstore will bill the card the GBP Sterling value of the order, and cannot guarantee the conversion price in the customer’s local currency. This is subject to the customer’s bank’s rate of exchange on the day the card is billed.
3.3 Investment Superstore will take payment upfront for pre-order items and dispatch the goods when they are released/published, this may be on the day of release or beforehand. If dispatched on the day of release/publish additional time for postage with be incurred and it then out of control of Investment Superstore and passed over to the delivery company.
3.4 Ownership of goods relating remains with Investment Superstore until such time as full payment is received by Investment Superstore from you.
3.5 If the goods ordered by you are subject to a tax or other charge when the package reaches its destination, the liability for paying these charges will be with you, not with Investment Superstore. Investment Superstore has no way of knowing what particular customs and import charges may be in force at any time in any country, and makes no allowance in its pricing policy for such charges. For the purposes of customs and other importation charges, therefore, you assume the role of importer of the goods. Investment Superstore will not be liable to you for any delay or failure of the goods to reach their delivery address because of the detention of a package by customs or other authorities.
3.6 Investment Superstore reserves the right to decline orders, or to cancel orders at its discretion.
3.7 Investment Superstore may in some circumstances act as an introducer to a third party book shops. If you access these third party shops through affiliate links or redirects from the Investment Superstore, you agree that Investment Superstore will not be held liable for any loss or damage arising from taking such action.
3.8 Investment Superstore reserves the right to make changes to its website, policies, and Terms & Conditions at its absolute discretion.
3.9 These Terms & Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

4. Availability of Goods

Each book page on our website tells you when a book will be shipped to you. The time depends on whether we have the book in stock and, if we do not, how quickly we can obtain copies.

If we have a book in stock, we aim but cannot guarantee to ship your book the same day your order is received, unless your order is placed after 4pm GMT, in which case it we will endeavour to arrange delivery with two working days.

If we do not have a book in stock, we will inform you by email of the estimated date of delivery.

5. Pricing

Prices quoted on this website are correct to the best of our knowledge. Investment Superstore reserves the right to refuse to sell the product concerned at the lower, incorrect, price advertised on our website. In this situation, we will contact you to tell you what the higher correct price is, and ask whether you wish to continue with the order at this price or cancel the order.
Investment Superstore also reserve the right to refuse sale at a price that has been publicised on the website, or elsewhere if it is incorrect due to error.
Most of the products we sell don’t carry VAT but those that do include eBooks, CDs/DVDs and magazines. Where products do have VAT, the product web page will display the gross price (i.e. VAT included). The invoice we send out with parcels is a full VAT invoice (where applicable). Investment Superstore’s VAT number is 242571615.

6. Returns Policy

– If you receive a book from us in imperfect condition, we will be glad to replace it with another copy in perfect condition. You must contact us in advance to let us know that you will be returning the book.
– As a general rule, Investment Superstore does not accept returns of books just because they are different from what you expected them to be. The reason we put so much information about books on our website is to enable you to make an informed decision when you purchase them.
– A small charge my be incurred for returning books known as a restocking fee and is charged/deducted at the discretion of Investment Superstore
– We may, in some circumstances, offer to exchange a book which you have bought for another book, but such exchanges need to be agreed with us by email in advance and do not happen as of right.

7. Instructions on Returns

1. Please wrap the book up in foam, carrier bags, newspaper – anything that will protect it from the knocks it will get through the postal system.
If a book is returned to us damaged, we cannot accept the return
2. Insert the book in a padded envelope or cardboard box. You may be able to re-use the one we sent to you if you still have it. If not, you can buy them from most post offices and stationers.
3. Place the original packing slip which came with the product and return to the return address on the packing slip.
Please make sure you pay the correct postage as we cannot pay any surcharge incurred.
8. Gift coupons and promotions
1. Gift coupons and promotions will be automatically issued to qualifying, online orders. The voucher number will be displayed on the final page of the order form and in your automatic email acknowledgement.
2. Gift coupons and promotional codes are applied at the last stage of checkout and some have conditions that need to be met to be accepted.
3. No change or credit will be given if the value of the gift voucher exceeds the value of the books being ordered.
4. Gift coupons have no cash value and there is no cash alternative.
5. Gift coupons and promotional codes may have set expiry dates.
6. Gift coupons and promotional codes can be redeemed when ordering online or over the phone.
7. Investment Superstore reserves the right to refuse use of a voucher or promotion code at it’s discretion and/or remove coupons from user accounts.
8. Gift coupons or promotional codes need to used at time of checkout, discount/refunds may be given once the order is complete/paid for but at it’s own discretion.

9. Third Party Offers

1. Investment Superstore books may be sold as part of packages that are sponsored by third parties offering investment services covered by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Investment Superstore and INVT. Superstore are not regulated by the FCA.
2. The sponsorship of these packages and services on Investment Superstore does not a constitute an offer or inducement to engage in investment activities by Investment Superstore or INVT. Superstore LTD.
3. Investment Superstore will not accept any liability for engaging in investment activity after following any links or advertisements on this site or as part of a sponsored package offered by Investment Superstore. You follow any link or advertisement on this site entirely at your own risk.
4. Investment Superstore is an educational and journalistic tool designed to increase the knowledge and understanding of the general public but always consult an independent financial advisor before engaging in investment activity and do not solely rely on information found on this site.
5. Any advert for a financial service found on this site or as part of a package is issued by the company and you may have to agree to further terms before continuing with an investment service.
6. Do not engage in any financial activity offered by a third party if you feel it is unsuitable for you or you feel you do not fully understand the investment.
7. The books contained within Investment Superstore or any packages are not recommendations to enter into any financial transaction.

All transactions are covered by UK law