IG Markets

Dealing Charges

IG Markets offers some of the cheapest share dealing in the UK. Clients that qualify for frequent dealer charges will enjoy share dealing from £5.00 per trade.

To qualify for the frequent dealer charge of £5.00 you must place 10 or more trades in the previous month. Standard dealing charge is £8.00.

IG Markets can be quite expensive if you want to deal over the phone, telephone dealing is £40 for UK shares.

CFD trading is 0.1% each side with a minimum of £10 online or £15 for telephone deals


IG Markets provides both ISA and SIPP accounts. 

Dealing charges for IG ISAs and SIPPs are the same as standard share dealing accounts; £8 per deal which reduces to £5 for frequent dealers.


IG does not charge an annual fee for ISA and you could receive up to £250 for transferring in an ISA.


IG SIPPs are administered by James Hay with an annual cost of £195.  


Range of markets

IG offers over 8000 shares which can be traded as physical shares or CFDs. In addition to a broad range of shares, IG Markets offers a comprehensive range of forex pairs and crosses, indices, interest rates and commodities.

Buy-and-hold investors may shun IG due to their core offering being leveraged products, but IG have split the two areas so stock only investors can use a platform that doesn’t have access to anything but physical shares. 

When opening an account with IG you can clearly dictate which products you want to invest in. 

IG are a market leader in offering grey markets for IPOs, political events and innovations such as Bitcoin.



Analysis Tools

IG’s analysis tools are some of the best on the market with a wide range of free and premium options.

IG Markets charting package provide all of the standard technical indicators as well as small range of more advanced ones. Charts are in a ‘pop-up’ format which can be easily moved around a desktop.

IG also offers a state of the art IOs and Andriod app which provides investors with basic charting on-the-go.



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