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Investment Strategy

Moneyfarm use ETFs to create broad and diversified portfolios. Moneyfarm’s investment service falls into the category of a ‘Robo-Advsior’ and client portfolios are fully managed by Moneyfarm’s investment committee.

Investors choose from a range of risk profiles which then dictates how that investor’s funds are allocated to equity, bond and commodity ETFs. 

Moneyfarm is harnessing the growth of passive investing by managing investor’s portfolios in a top down macro strategy that is amended inline with global and economic developments. 


In addition to a standard investment account, investors are able to choose to invest in an ISA.

Just with other ISA providers, you can transfer your existing ISA to Moneyfarm as well as establish a new ISA account.

Moneyfarm do not charge extra to invest through and ISA instead of a standard investment account.    



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Moneyfarm is a discretionary investment service. This means that although you build your own risk profile, Moneyfarm’s investment managers will pick the individual ETFs.

Despite being a Robo-Advisor, Moneyfarm have a robust customer service to deal with any questions you may have.


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Moneyfarm charges come in two parts as most Robo-Advisors do. The first is the management fee charged by Moneyfarm and the second is the underlying charge of the ETF.

The ETFs Moneyfarm invest in have an average annual charge as low as 0.25%.

Moneyfarm charges a management fee which ranges from free to 0.6%.

Up to £10,000 is free

£10,001-£100,000 is 0.6%

£100,001-£1,000,000 is 0.4%

£1,000,000 + is free

Taking into consideration Moneyfarm’s annual charge and ETF fees, the maximum an investor can expect to pay is around 0.85%.




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