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Nutmeg offers two services to clients. One is a fully managed service, similar to a discretionary managed portfolio in as far as investors’ funds are actively managed by the Nutmeg investment team who will be seeking out new opportunities.

The second offering is Nutmeg’s ‘Fixed Allocation’ portfolio which is where it earns it’s title as a Robo-Advisor. Portfolios are spread out across equities, fixed-income, and cash depending on the clients risk profile.

At the time of writing, Nutmeg say on their website that a medium risk portfolio has returned 26.1% since inception in 2012 and 6.0% annualised. Over three years total return was 14.3%.

ISAs & Pensions 

In addition to a standard Nutmeg account, investors are able to invest in an ISA or a Pension.

Nutmeg can facilitate the transfer of your ISA from existing ISA providers.

Nutmeg Pensions require a minimum of £5,000 to be deposited or transferred.

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Nutmeg charges come in two parts as most Robo-Advisors do. The first is the management fee charged by Nutmeg and the second is the underlying charge of the ETF.

Nutmeg says the ETFs they invest in have an average annual charge as low as 0.19%.

Nutmeg charges a management fee which ranges from 0.25% to 0.75% depending on the services the investor opts for.

Fixed Allocation Portfolio:

Up to £100,000 is 0.45%

£100,000+ is 0.25%

Fully Managed Portfolio:

Up to £100,000 is 0.75%

£100,000+ is 0.35%


Taking into consideration Nutmeg’s annual charge for the Fully Managed Portfolio and ETF fees, the maximum an investor can expect to pay is around 0.94%.




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