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OenoFuture is Europe’s fastest-growing fine wine investment company. We provide a complete and personalised advisory service for both novices and experienced collectors. Our experienced fine wine team and passionate account managers work closely with you to build a portfolio that meets your investment goals. This is why we have been twice named the “Fine Wine Investment Firm Of The Year” by The European Global Banking & Finance Awards.

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What Our Clients Say

I had previously tried to invest in fine wine as a diversification from property and the markets, but I struggled to find a reputable company that I could trust with my money. I like that I personally own the wine, so I am actually buying a product. I have not looked back since investing with Oeno, I have a very hands on investment nature with my property business, and I like that I am effectively leveraging the knowledge of the Oeno team which means I do not need to become a wine expert.

At first I was obviously nervous, investing in a different area, and with an unknown to me company, but I now feel my relationship with the company has blossomed. I would class my account manager as a friend, I now have enjoyed returns in the region of 11% in under 12 months, and I know this level will be maintained and surpassed in the future with different wines, and longer term holds. (Martyn)

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