ShareScope has been the “go-to” investment software for private investors and traders for the last 15 years. Its comprehensive coverage of both financial data and charting tools makes it perfect for a wide range of investors. Whether you are building your SIPP, investing in AIM market shares or trading FTSE 100 companies, ShareScope has a solution.  

Data Mining

Imagine that whenever you switch ShareScope on, a shortlist of potential trades – based on your favourite trading signals – is waiting for you. You can focus on picking the most compelling opportunities in the list and get trading fast.

This is how ShareScope’s powerful Data Mining (filtering) works. You tell ShareScope which signals to find and it will display the results instantly. You can fine tune filters on the fly with immediate results. And you’ll never need to worry that you might be missing better opportunities elsewhere.


ShareScope’s comprehensive range of chart types and analytics enable you to experiment with different investment and trading strategies. As you read articles or books, or attend seminars, you’ll find you can apply the same techniques in ShareScope.

You can add lines, shapes and text to chart with ease. And setting an alarm on a support or resistance line takes just three clicks of the mouse.

Level 2

Level 2 provides a view of the full order book helping you to trade inside the spread and improve your timing.

Understanding Level 2 will also give you the necessary skills to use Direct Market Access (DMA) via your broker to trade on the other side of the spread.

If you are switching from another Level 2 provider, you’ll need to decide whether ShareScope or SharePad is best for you. If you want to be able to open multiple Level 2 windows and have full trade data, you’ll need ShareScope Plus or Pro.


£20 Monthly

£220 Annually


£40 Monthly

£440 Annually


£99 Monthly

£990 Annually


Want to know why some investors are more successful than others?

Described as “a Bloomberg terminal for private investors” and voted the UK’s Best Investment Software 2015, SharePad provides everything you need to build and grow a balanced investment portfolio. It is the essential complement to your ISA or SIPP account.

Stock screening beats everything else hands down

Filtering, or stock screening, helps you search the stock market for companies that match specific criteria.

SharePad’s ability to filter the stock market for shares that meet specific criteria is second to none. Not only that, you can also filter funds, investment trusts and ETFs to find those with the best performance and the lowest fee.

You only need a limited understanding of financial results and ratios to start finding shares with attractive characteristics. Alternatively, use our pre-built filters that emulate the successful strategies of famous investors like Ben Graham, Warren Buffett and Jim Slater.

More experienced investors can use an almost unlimited range of criteria to custom-build powerful stock screens.

So easy to use

SharePad’s aim is to make investment research fast and easy. Its flexible split-screen format and clear toolbars help you quickly switch between SharePad’s wide range of views – chart, financials, news, filtering, portfolios, etc.

Whilst other companies route your support queries abroad or only respond by email, their friendly London-based customer support team is dedicated to helping you get the best out of SharePad – actively encouraging customers to call as often as they like.

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