This article was originally published on UK Investor Magazine 

Tekcapital’s Guident has once more demonstrated their prowess in autonomous vehicle safety technology with the inking of an agreement with NOVELSAT to bolster the connectivity of their remote monitoring systems.

NOVELSAT will provide Guident with access to low-earth space satellites that will facilitate always-on connectivity between autonomous vehicles and Guident’s remote safety centres.

“NOVELSAT is excited to partner with Guident to bring the highest level of safety to autonomous systems,” said Gary Drutin, CEO of NOVELSAT.

“Our space-based connectivity solutions will ensure the always-on, high-capacity connectivity that is essential for the safe deployment and operation of autonomous vehicles and devices in diverse environments. We believe that this partnership will enable us to lead the way in providing innovative connectivity solutions that meet the needs of the autonomous systems industry.”

Guident’s autonomous vehicle safety technology

Guident’s technology is at the forefront of the autonomous vehicle safety requirement to have access to human intervention.

Tekcapital’s portfolio company has already validated their technology on numerous occasions by securing contracts with the Boca Raton technology campus, and very recently, Auve Technology.

Guident’s partnerships have made autonomous shuttles in closed circuits a reality by providing the necessary remote monitoring networks.

Today’s announced partnership with Novelsat will further strengthen Guident’s offering and possibly open the door to further deals in the future.

“Leveraging cross-network connectivity, our human-in-the-loop AI technologies will enable always-on remote monitoring control of autonomous vehicles and devices, thereby resolving unforeseen situations and providing unparalleled safety and reliability in various applications,” said Harald Braun, Chairman and CEO of Guident.

“We believe the integration of these technologies is a game-changer, and we are excited to be at the forefront by providing low earth orbit satellite monitoring redundance in addition to 5G and GPS monitoring of autonomous vehicles.”

Tekcapital portfolio

With a number of Tekcapital’s portfolio companies already listed in the case of Lucyd and Belluscura, Guident may prove to be something of future blockbuster as it subtly establishes a significant footprint in the autonomous vehicle safety market.

Autonomous vehicle safety is a fast moving industry and Guident has again proved it is one step ahead of competitors.

Tekcapital shares were trading positively at the time of writing.